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Sergio Torres

Sergio Torres

Partner Success Manager

Sergio has been with ACS for about 10 years. As the Partner success manager, he holds many mini titles. He leads onboarding and training, and marketing efforts for our valued partners. Sergio also supports the commission’s team and has proactively recovered over $100,000 in provider revenues. 

Sergio is a role model for ACS. He sustains excellence in overall performance and consistently demonstrates a cooperative and positive attitude. He not only supports our partners but he ensures ACS’s success by helping team members in any way he can.

Most-used productivity hack?

Nothing gets me more focused than playing some modern piano/instrumental music in the background. Also, categorizing and flagging emails help make sure nothing gets missed and helps me prioritize what to tackle next!

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What’s the most exciting part of your job?

Every aspect of my role with the company is rewarding and exciting in its own way. When I’m working on Commissions, auditing reports, and spearheading commission tickets is rewarding in recouping money for our partners.

When I’m working on marketing, I know that our team efforts are collectively helping grow the company’s presence and outreach. And when I’m conducting partner trainings on our Partner Portal or FiberLookup Tool, I’m always happy to lead these calls because I know the immense value these tools will bring to our partners.

What motivates you, Sergio?

Contribution. I’m always looking to see where I can add value to our partners, team members, and even the people in my own life. I believe in my ability to figure things out and it allows me to create a positive impact on those around me. 

Even when I don’t know something, the idea of problem-solving or helping others with an issue drives me to be unselfish with my time and effort.

What do you think makes working for ACS unique?

Being a part of a Technology Distributor is truly a gateway to all the emerging technologies which is exciting to see. Additionally, the fact that ACS develops customized tools to support our processes and for our partners, is something truly unique and makes me prideful. Also, I’m surrounded by brilliant people who come from all walks of life and with varying skillsets, so I’ve been able to learn a ton!

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