7 Key Products Used in A
Remote Work Environment

We have found these 7 key products are a perfect fit for teams working from home. The list is from ACS members who use these tools to help them connect remotely. Most of the 7 key products listed below can be bundled in a Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

empower your Client’s business to thrive while Their team works remotely

Remote teams will love these 7 key products as they are easy to install and user friendly. To help your customers transition to a UC solution, increase their bandwidth, or run a cost savings analysis – ACS is here for you. It’s time to come up with a long-term game plan for your clients. Call 1-800-247-9964 for more information.

Unified Communications

UCaaS – (Unified Communications as a Service) is an application that allows users access to their work computers remotely. See the top 10 Business-Grade Features for a UCaaS. Great for businesses who want to decrease their telecom bill, and have an always-on presence.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery involves a set of procedures to enable the continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a disaster. A great fit for companies with multiple locations or in an unpredictable area.

Video Conferencing

With business-grade conferencing, companies can record meetings, have unlimited members join, create unique links, and groups for quick calls. This is a key product for organizations that need to train employees, run webinars, run frequent meetings, or need to speak with clients “face-to-face” in a virtual environment.

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SD-WAN & Redundancy

This is a component that duplicates your data so if your connection fails, there will be a backup. It decreases the risk of your office experiencing internet outages due to high internet traffic. Great failover and perfect for companies with cable circuits. A perfect fit for companies with multiple users on the phone, over an MPLS or cable circuit.

End-Point Management

It helps users keep track of their devices and ensures their software is secure and up to date. Usually, this product includes asset management, patch management, and compliance evaluation. It is most beneficial for SMBs that don’t have sophisticated tools, which exposes them to security breaches, downtime, and lost productivity. TPX has a great offering.

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An online subscription of Microsoft services (Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.) that can be securely accessed on any device. It is the simplest way to move the majority of an organizations’ data to the “cloud”.  Files can be downloaded, edited, moved, and shared via the online portal – www.portal.office.com.

Virtual Desktop

A computer application that displays the user’s computer monitor. With a simple login, employees can access their office computers anywhere on any device. The operating system and applications are hosted on a remote server. A great example of a virtual desktop is StarDaas from Star2Star. See the StarDaas FAQ
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Unifying communications makes it easier for employees to do their job from home. See the Top 10 business-grade features for remote employees.

Zero Downtime

In a Unified Communications platform, every feature included is available for each employee in an easy all-in-one single access application.

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The ability to help employees separate their work from their home life is hard to achieve for companies new to the remote environment. The advantages of a UCaaS solution are endless.

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Unified Communications (UCaaS) is a platform that securely integrates all your business applications into an easy all-in-one application users can access anywhere on any device.

It usually takes between 7 – 14 business days to process your new software. Once the initial transition is complete, making changes, viewing your files or data, or adding / editing / removing users can be done with a simple click.

UCaaS offers greater scalability and flexibility for organizations that need to quickly add/edit/remove users, such as seasonal employees, without major infrastructure changes.

UCaaS technology can also be deployed for disaster recovery. Cloud-based systems, for instance, have built-in business continuity. 

Unifying your communications makes it seamless for employees working from home. It improves efficiency and productivity. 

This solution has saved numerous clients thousands of dollars. We guarantee the cost will be less than what you are paying now with you on-site devices (server, desk phones, internet bill, etc). 

Customers don’t need to buy and maintain multiple PBX’s because a UC platform is in a separate location and managed by the provider.

The average platform is around $20 per user per month. This number can vary based on features and providers of course. There is no installation cost.

Demo the platforms with all the providers in the running. Every provider offers a set of features they believe to be important for their clients. We always see clients find it easy to choose a platform based on a winning service during the demo the others don’t have.

Bundle your services to decreases overall costs. This includes, internet, security, data, backup, and your phone plan. A single bill means loads of integrated features!

ACS Cloud Partners is a communications distributor who has a dedicated team to help our agents find the perfect communications solution that fit your customer’s business size, needs, and budget. 

We encourage competition between the providers to win business, help our agents schedule the transition, and ensure quality for the entirety of your customer’s contract.

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