80+ top tier telecom and cloud providers available nationwide

ACS Cloud Partners is a Star2Star Master Agent. Our partners can market the full portfolio of services and products as a certified Star2Star agent. As a Star2Star Master Agent, we offer our partners sales and marketing tools to close more deals, adding more value to their clients.

We have a well-established relationship with Star2Star and the highest payout tier they offer. Our partners receive a significantly higher revenue compared to selling Star2Star products directly.

Star2Star partners and customers love that Star2Star does all of the heavy lifting, allowing them to focus on building relationships and selling. 

No one in the UCaaS space can rival Star2Star’s full service quote assistance, deal registration and protection, sales and discovery support, marketing program, pre-sales engineering, implementation and installation services, or ultra-reliable solution that just works.



Star2Star Communications is the World’s Only True Hybrid Unified Communications Solution. 

Star2Star’s unique blended architecture combines our StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager with a suite of “cloud based” hosted services to achieve unparalleled reliability, sound quality and features that are far superior to any other solution. 

Star2Star’s system is highly scalable and is especially well-suited to companies with multiple business locations. 

ACS Cloud Partners is a Master Agent with over 80 providers internationally. Agent Partners prefer to do business with our providers through us because of our strong established relationships.

Speak to a dedicated ACS Channel Manager who can help you determine which providers would work best based on your sales demographics and techniques, industry types, and your current customers’ needs.