Take Advantage of 5 Core FiberLookup™ Features

You already know that FiberLookup™ gives partners the most thorough insight into which telecom, cable, fiber, and other providers reside at a specific address where your customer wants connectivity. But are you also familiar with all the cool features? Because FiberLookup™ is proprietary to ACS Cloud Partners and created and operated by our in-house team of developers. We are continuously adding new capabilities and functionality. In this blog, we give a rundown of the greatest features. Keep reading!

FiberLookup™ Basics

This exclusive proprietary tool connects with more than 100 providers and their APIs to on-net and near-net buildings, as well as network paths and products at each building. Importantly, many of these suppliers are ones that only our partners can view. ACS Cloud Partners not only has relationships with the most regional fiber providers, we often help build their on-net and near-net lists. In other words, our partners get exclusive information through FiberLookup™.


No Cluster Situation Here

The data inside FiberLookup™ can be a little overwhelming when you see the map of all the carriers in or near a given location. So, to prevent deluge, we added a feature that automatically clusters results. If you do want to view every single available provider, just uncluster to expand the selection.

Operator, Get Me Information, Please

The connectivity world is a wash of acronyms and confusing terms. Not to worry. FiberLookup™ cuts through the noise with a built-in dictionary. Just click the “i” icon to read the definition of, for example, “shared internet provider.” The less time you have to spend searching Google, the more time you have to work with prospects and customers — which is the whole point of what you do!

Compare Apples to Other Apples

When FiberLookup™ results appear, you might want to filter out certain products. And you can! If your client doesn’t need shared or dedicated service, for example, unclick those boxes to remove associated providers from the final list. That way you see the most applicable options for your customer.

Trust That You’re Getting Real-Time Pricing

Embedded within FiberLookup™ is another proprietary platform, PricingPRO™. PricingPRO™ constantly talks to our numerous suppliers through APIs, mirroring their latest pricing, promotions, and incentives. That way the customer knows exactly what they’ll pay, and at the best rates.

It’s Presentation Time

When it’s time to present connectivity options to the customer, you have some choices. First, you could send instant promo pricing to your client. The function includes a direct chat back to you for real-time communications about the quote. When the customer clicks the quote link, all pricing will show and a chat box activates and the two of you can message accordingly.

Or, if you want to forward the results to yourself, you can generate an email directly from PricingPRO™. It sends the pricing in a text format. Next, you can email the customer without going through your own inbox. In this scenario, FiberLookup™ auto-populates a generic message that you can customize.

Finally, if you have a question about whether a certain company resells services at a specific colo. Just ping your ACS channel manager through the internal chat function and get the answer ASAP. Whichever route you choose, it’s all simple and fast.

FiberLookup™ Takeaways

Overall, ACS Cloud Partners, via FiberLookup™, gives you access to the most providers, with the most accurate information out of any such repository in the industry. Our full-time developers are constantly making sure we reflect the latest and greatest data. Plus, our entire team knows all the providers and products we offer. Other TSDs can’t say that.

We deliver FiberLookup™ with sales and product understanding in mind. When you use any of our tools, you’ll instantly understand how our experience and relationships with providers make all the difference. And just as we do in every other aspect of our work with you, we’ll keep refining FiberLookup™.

If you have requests or recommendations to improve it, let us know! Everything we do aims to fuel your success.

As a partner with ACS Cloud Partners, we help you build your business through countless resources like our FiberLookup™ and PricingPRO™ tools and dedicated sales support teams. Our partners also benefit with customized commission structures and marketing techniques to increase revenue. Because of our established relationships with providers, you are able to market the full portfolio of products to your customers.

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