Deter cyberattacks with the guidance of a trusted Technology Advocate

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you have the right experts in your corner

Every day, news about some kind of cyberattacks hits the headlines. Literally. Every day. After all, hackers — from low-level dabblers to organized crime syndicates — have latched on to internet-connected networks as their key source of stealing money. And they rake in a haul. Cybersecurity Ventures, the research arm of Cybercrime Magazine, predicts cyberattack costs to balloon 15%, year over year, over the next three years. The total? More than $10 trillion annually by 2025.  

“This represents the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history, risks the incentives for innovation and investment, is exponentially larger than the damage inflicted from natural disasters in a year, and will be more profitable than the global trade of all major illegal drugs combined,” 
Cybersecurity Ventures noted in July

Even more problematic is that small and medium businesses like yours shoulder many of the hits — and firms like yours tend to be the least equipped to handle cyberattacks. The latest statistics from the federal government’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency show that, just two years ago, SMBs collectively lost $2.4 billion to cybercrime. Those figures have only grown since then (and will keep rising).  

Plus, there’s more than the immediate hard financial losses to consider. Cyberattacks also clobber SMBs in downtime, recovery and insurance expenses. Combined, those factors are more than enough to take down an SMB for good.

How to Deter Cyberattacks on Your SMB with Your Technology Advocate’s Help

So, what do you do to stave off cyberattacks?

Turn to your trusted ACS Cloud Partners technology advocate, who will shore up your environment with the help of our highly vetted providers. If you don’t have an IT department, or your IT experts are already overloaded, not to worry. Your ACS Cloud Partners technology advocate will work with us and our vendors to identify and propose the right mix of security solutions for your SMB. And, in general, your advocate is likely to start by locking down email accounts and mobile endpoints. 

Among SMBs, email and mobile devices take the brunt of hacks and breaches. That’s because these platforms typically prove easy for attackers to access — especially among SMBs with few or no IT experts on staff. Phishing, ransomware, malware and spoofing stand out as the most common tactics hackers use to cripple their targets. 

Even though there’s no such thing as 100% security, only layers of prevention — there are ways to make your environment unappealing to bad actors.

The best part is, you don’t need to fret the details about getting to that point. Your trusted ACS Cloud Partners technology advocate will work with our internal team to determine which of our security providers will best meet your workload and budget requirements. From there, your technology advocate and ACS Cloud Partners will the implementation of your new security solutions. After that, your technology advocate will continue to offer guidance and recommendations as your needs shift or as new threats arise.  

Perhaps most importantly, you are not alone in the security journey as cyberattacks threaten your livelihood. The key is to partner with the right guide. ACS Cloud Partners believes our technology advocates are the best in the business. They are passionate about caring for their customers and ensuring your ability to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you don’t have an IT department, or if your IT experts are overwhelmed, let your trusted ACS Cloud Partners technology advocate handle cybersecurity for you.  

As a partner with ACS Cloud Partners, we help you build your business through countless resources like our FiberLookup™ and PricingPRO™ tools and dedicated sales support teams. Our partners also benefit with customized commission structures and marketing techniques to increase revenue. Because of our established relationships with providers, you are able to market the full portfolio of products to your customers.

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