5 Reasons Why You Can (and Should) Trust Your Business to ACS Cloud Partners TSD

The indirect channel is undergoing perhaps its greatest shift since its inception decades ago. Partners are losing trust in their current TSDs because they are receiving lower commissions, fewer incentives, and handle more of their own support as their technology services distributors (TSDs) consolidate — at the expense of the partner so new, privately held owners can pursue big margins and hefty quarterly results.

It’s time to seek out new alliances. And we realize that’s not easily done, especially if you’ve teamed with the TSDs in question for years. Hear us out. ACS Cloud Partners, now 21 years old, has stayed steadfast in its commitment to channel partners. And we want you to know that is not changing, nor will it. Read on for five reasons why you can, and arguably should, trust your business to ACS.

1. Unwavering resolution to remain independent.

As more TSDs sell out to private equity, channel partners are taking the hit. You’re losing beneficial commission rates and incentives. The pressure to produce has gone from exhilarating and entrepreneurial to corporate — all to please someone else’s top and bottom lines. The people you used to turn to for support within those TSDs have either lost their jobs or found better ones somewhere else. Overall, the TSD sector is transforming in ways that are largely hurting partners. 

ACS Cloud Partners vows to remain self-funded and independent. Our top priority is you. For that to happen, we must stay free of outside demands. The only people to whom we are accountable are ourselves and YOU. And you can trust us because we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years and that’s not changing. 

Of course, partners need more than good money and support. That’s where our proprietary, easy-to-use tools come in. Take FiberLookup™ as a prime example. 

Enter an address anywhere in the continental U.S. and, within seconds, all the providers that serve that location will show on the screen. From there, you can email your customer or prospect with up to ten options, along with any personalized message you want to send. 

FiberLookup™ also highlights issues you might encounter that would impede installation times so there are no surprises. Meanwhile, we also have PricingPRO™. This interface lets you price providers’ promotional offerings in less than 60 seconds. All the data come directly from providers, and in real-time, so you can trust that the information is current and correct.

3. Industry-leading partner agreements.

On top of staying independent, ACS Cloud Partners makes sure our provider terms and conditions outperform the market. In fact, many of our suppliers end up signing our agreements without redlining anything because they know our partners produce and they are willing to compensate you well. We believe that giving partners the best financial opportunities benefits everyone — the partner, the provider, and ACS Cloud Partners.

4. Channel manager longevity and dedication to partners.

A lot of channel managers hop from one TSD or provider to another in a nonstop search for better pay and perks. But ACS Cloud Partners takes such care of our channel managers that the average timeframe of employment is 12 years. That type of trust speaks for itself. 

On top of that, we never ask partners to reach out for help via a generic inbox or phone number. You have a team assigned to you that includes a dedicated channel manager,  two support mangers, a marketing manager and a dedicated commissions manager. You build a long lasting relationship with that team. And you all work, and profit, together.

5. More regional providers than any other TSD.

Regional Providers Map trust
Another way we set ourselves apart is by teaming with a plethora of regional fiber providers. Contrary to popular myth, regional fiber delivers the same, or sometimes better, speeds, capacities, and service levels than their giant counterparts. They also reach areas and last-mile locations the big guys (whom we also love) may not. We thrive on giving our partners and their customers a vast range of options. That’s why we are continually expanding our footprint through more and more regional and specialty providers.

See for Yourself…

ACS Cloud Partners doesn’t just strive to be different — we are different. If you’re curious, or even skeptical o trust us with your business opportunities, just give us a call. We’re happy to talk through your questions.

As a partner with ACS Cloud Partners, we help you build your business through countless resources like our FiberLookup™ and PricingPRO™ tools and dedicated sales support teams. Our partners also benefit with customized commission structures and marketing techniques to increase revenue. Because of our established relationships with providers, you are able to market the full portfolio of products to your customers.

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