For2Fi POTS Replacement

ACS Cloud Partners’ newest solution provider For2Fi dives into their POTS Replacement solution,  “POTS over LTE”.

Find out how For2Fi’s Modular POTS Replacement solution has an advantage over other similar solutions in the market.

ACS Cloud Partners is a global business technology distributor with over 20 years of successful partnerships, unbeatable customer support, and top-tier solutions for every provider with a channel program.

ACS Provider FAQ

Much like an insurance or mortgage broker, our providers use what they call the channel to sell their services. By using the channel instead of in-house sales representatives, providers save on salaries/benefits, office leases, marketing, and advertising costs. Engineering groups also see savings in time and resources because we complete necessary pre-qualifications.

Fiber Lookup™ is a free map with “lit buildings” (have established services) that lets our partner see which suppliers are in the area. Our major internet providers send us updated lit building lists every 3-6 months, so our FiberLookup System always has up-to-date information.

Escalation Lists are given to us from every provider. If you call customer service with any of our carriers and you do not receive a resolution within a satisfactory amount of time, we will be happy to escalate your issues to management on your behalf. We work closely with a long list of managers daily and can move an escalation swiftly.

Provider-Specific Marketing Materials are all available to view and download on the ACS Partner Portal. We also offer free marketing solutions to customize and add your contact information as a verified provider representative.

Channel Managers’ Contact Information and subordinate provider contact information are clearly listed on each individual provider page. If the provider uses a system to quote or help with troubleshooting, our in-house specialists are always happy to help.

Provider product lists, videos, pricing, and Important Links are all available on our Partner Portal. Whenever we receive any type of useful information from our providers, we pass it directly to our partners for an all-in-one type of environment.

Monthly Newsletter & Spiff Updates are sent to all of our Partners so you never have to search for information on recent industry changes, new channel managers, or the latest spiffs!

Partners receive the highest commission payout in the industry. Our annual increase in high sales volume puts us in the top payout tiers with our providers. Every provider has a unique payout percentage, and the details for this are all available in our partner portal.

Our Residual Payout Formula: (Order MRC) X (Provider Payout %) X (Your Agreement %) = Your Monthly Residual Commission Payment

There is no commitment or MRC (Monthly Recurring Cost) tier payout base for partners. We base our commission payout on the amount of time and involvement our team agrees upon when you sign up with us. Our flexible Partner Programs can change as you transition into handling your orders more independently.

Individual case basis (ICB) orders can be paid out at a different percentage, again based on our involvement. The best example of this is an extremely complex order with multiple moving parts through a provider you are not familiar with.

Our commission team works with providers’ commission specialists to ensure you get paid on time and the correct amount. As an extra effort, we proactively open commission tickets on your behalf in the rare chance there is a discrepancy.

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