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At ACS Cloud Partners, our mission is to simplify and empower your business by providing you essential tools to build your practice. We provide comprehensive value propositions to our sales partners by utilizing our Master Agent network of service options from over 50 top tier telecom and cloud providers, including the back office support you need to run your operation smoothly and a single contact point for all support needs. Our concierge service is tailored to easily integrate with your operation and we work hard to give your customer the best support and the lowest prices on voice and data by leveraging our company’s consistent track record as a market leader.

In the past 15 years we’ve been helping our referral, VAR and Master Agents. By providing unbiased comparisons among all of our top-tier telecom providers, we’ll ensure you’ve got access to the best-suited and most competitive telecom and cloud solutions. You’ll also have access to our sales and marketing tools, full list of carrier products, our entire support team and the highest commission structures—all to help you find the best solutions for your customer every time. We’ll meet or beat the competitors’ prices because of our extensive knowledge of each providers promotional offerings, saving you time and your customer money in research and trials! Our business is to support, so your business can thrive.


"I started out in telecommunications at the beginning of the CLEC era. I was working as a National Account Manager for Teligent, Inc., a facilities-based CLEC that provided local, long distance, high-speed data, and dedicated Internet services to SMBs. Teligent hoped to bridge the last-mile divide with its fixed wireless technology, but the Company took on enormous debt, struggled with the technology, and was forced into bankruptcy.

I started ACS, in 2002 in part as a way to continue to provide support to my Teligent clients. The purpose of ACS is to provide customers with a real alternative to the telecom industry’s direct sales channels. My focus was to build a company with a focal point on agent and customer support before, during and after the sale while still guaranteeing the lowest rates. 

Today, we are partnered with over 50 providers and have over 5,000 customers. With a team of 17 full-time, dedicated employees and over 500 agents, we have grown to be one of the largest master agents in the country.

We also have an industry leading website, an in-house designed interactive customer quoting software and a fiber lookup tool all at no cost to our agents. We also help our agents with marketing campaigns and telemarketing to help surface opportunity. We are proud to say that ACS received an Inc. 5000 award in 2015 2016, and 2017 recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America."

- Eric Asquino | President - ACS Cloud Partners


"I've been in this industry for a quarter century now and I can say without reservation that ACS is the ideal master agency.  ACS staff are down to earth, and approachable even when their schedule is insane. You've never missed a commission payment, always been on time with your reports, and responsive to issues that pop up from time to time. Keep up the great work!"

- Ron Sweetman, Jr. | President - TelcoNavigator, Inc.