80+ top tier telecom and cloud providers available nationwide

ACS Cloud Partners is a Purple Cloud Master Agent. Our partners can market the full portfolio of services and products as a certified Purple Cloud agent. As a Purple Cloud Master Agent, we offer our partners sales and marketing tools to close more deals, adding more value to their clients.

We have a well-established relationship with Purple Cloud and the highest payout tier they offer. Our partners receive a significantly higher revenue compared to selling Purple Cloud products directly.

Purple Cloud helps retailers take control of their consumer interactions and bridge their online and offline experience. 

Their platform allows a consumer to gain unparalleled access and the ability to receive personalized service from major retailers of all industries across ALL forms of media. 

A Simply Perfect Solution

No separate tracking phone numbers. No required click-to-call widgets. No typing in of employee ID’s at the end of a call. No creating or updating phone numbers with your call tracking vendor. 

Every inbound and outbound call is tracked regardless of how you make it or what number it is received on. Purple Cloud even knows which extension the call was forwarded to and which employee answered it without them entering their ID.


pruple cloud infographic

Jive & Purple Cloud

Jive’s Purple Cloud integration provides fully integrated call tracking, texting and chat at half the cost.  All inbound and outbound calls are recorded and analyzed with best-of-breed call tracking features including human review, appointment detection, transcription. Calls are then posted to Purple Cloud’s extensive set of integration partners including DealerSocket, eLEAD, VinSolutions and CDK.  

Purple Cloud’s platform deeply integrates with Jive so there are no separate call tracking phone numbers, no employee phone ID’s to type in, no required click-to-call widgets and all numbers are textable. Texts can be responded to in Purple Cloud’s market-leading dashboard for handling text, chat, Facebook messenger and more.

ACS Cloud Partners is a Master Agent with over 80 providers internationally. Agent Partners prefer to do business with our providers through us because of our strong established relationships.

Speak to a dedicated ACS Channel Manager who can help you determine which providers would work best based on your sales demographics and techniques, industry types, and your current customers’ needs.