ACS Cloud Partners Earns ChannelVision’s 2023 Channel Program of the Year Award

As other TSDs sell out, financially independent ACS Cloud Partners is investing in even more resources for its partners.

June 30th, 2023 | Torrance, California

Technology services distributor ACS Cloud Partners has clinched the title of Channel Program of the Year as part of ChannelVision Magazine’s 2023 Visionary Spotlight Awards in Overall Excellence.

The recognition points directly to ACS Cloud Partners’ commitment to back indirect channel sellers with the toolspeople, and processes needed to thrive in a quickly changing sector.

In their awards analysis, ChannelVision’s judges praised ACS Cloud Partners for partner-centric upgrades implemented in 2022. Those changes include creating custom teams featuring expert channel and support managers and specialists in commissions and marketing.

ChannelVision’s panel also commended ACS Cloud Partners for its proprietary interfaces — FiberLookup™ and PricingPro™ — that give partners instant access to service providers available in specific areas and associated costs, respectively.

Finally, ChannelVision lauded the significance of ACS Cloud Partners’ decision to subvert the technology services industry’s standard (and outdated) approach to fielding partner inquiries. “ACS removed all requirements for sending to general email addressesThis enhanced the personalized approach, connecting partners directly with the right ACS person.” The judges wrote in their Channel Program of the Year evaluation.

Eric Asquino, founder and president of ACS Cloud Partners, thanked ChannelVision for acknowledging how and why the TSD stands out from its peers.

“It’s a great privilege to accept this award from an organization that’s as dedicated to delivering the best resources to the channel as ACS Cloud Partners.

Every decision ACS Cloud Partners makes, we make with our channel partners’ best interests in mind. At a time when other technology services distributors are selling to corporate-minded buyers, resulting in less of everything for the indirect channel, we are doubling down on empowering our partners.

We will continue to create new tools and resources, and sign even more providers of all kinds. Along the way, we will stay independent, absolutely free of external financial demands. We answer to our partners, and every strategic move we make benefits them."

ACS Cloud Partners, now 21 years old, delivers the broadest and most specialized range of providers in the TSD landscape. 

From nationwide, regional and niche fiber suppliers to UCaaS, cloud and automotive solutions, as just some examples, ACS Cloud Partners gives partners the most options for their customers. At the same time, ACS Cloud Partners underpins its portfolio with tenured, knowledgeable experts in support, commissions and marketing, along with exclusive in-house tools that speed up the sales cycle.

“We are honored to present ACS Cloud Partners with the Channel Program of the Year VSA.

The judges were impressed with the results of the upgrades ACS has made, all of which have led to operational efficiencies, effectiveness and stronger partner relationships. All of us at ChannelVision Magazine and Beka Business Media congratulate the entire team at ACS Cloud Partners.”

About ACS Cloud Partners

Founded in 2002, ACS Cloud Partners teams with an ever-growing number of technology services and platforms vendors to give indirect sellers an incomparable selection for their small business, mid-market and enterprise customers. 

ACS Cloud Partners backs all of its offerings with dedicated people and processes, unique proprietary tools, and the strongest provider contracts in the TSD industry. Furthermore, ACS Cloud Partners remains unwavering in its resolution to maintain financial independence as more TSDs sell out to private equity and corporate buyers. All of these resources and commitments combine to empower ACS Cloud Partners’ indirect sellers with the most opportunity to differentiate themselves and earn an unparalleled living.

Channelvision Visionary Spotlight Awards...

The ChannelVision annual Visionary Spotlight Awards competition spotlight outstanding products, services and deployments in channel and service provider innovation across communications and information technologies. Award winners stand out for showcasing innovations, displaying a capacity for future-thinking and demonstrating how they differ within communications and IT.

As a partner with ACS Cloud Partners, we help you build your business through countless resources like our FiberLookup™ and PricingPRO™ tools and dedicated sales support teams. Our partners also benefit with customized commission structures and marketing techniques to increase revenue. Because of our established relationships with providers, you are able to market the full portfolio of products to your customers.

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