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Agent Programs

VAR Program / Network Integrators

Individuals or companies who sell phone systems, network equipment, or any other telecommunication products

  • Why not also sell phone and internet services to your customers?
  • Added to our internal VAR Lead Program.
  • Receive equipment leads in your area that are generated by our account executives.



  • Negotiating for the the strongest provider agreements in the industry
  • Guaranteed, in writing, the lowest avaiable pricing for each carrier we contract
  • Some of the highest commission payouts in the industry



  • Access various levels of service and support on an order-by-order basis with an appropriate commission structure
  • We will assign a dedicated sales representative to help assist you in generating quotes and preparing paperwork in addition to helping you to close any deals.
  • An ACS support team is available on-demand to help with any step of the process
  • Manage the sales process yourself and receive the highest commissions
  • Receive extra attention from our sales team / engineers and channel managers



  • Over 50 providers nationwide at your disposal
  • Having diversification makes you a valuable player when pitching to potential clients
  • Stop worrying about finding you customer telecom services in those rural areas
  • Ask us for the full list of providers and their products



  • You will always find a good fit for each custommer
  • Range from every scale of the business product spectrum; you name it, we can sell it
  • Specializing in all business sizes in every region nationally and internationally
  • See add-on features and security options to help your client and earn more income
  • Ask us for the full list of providers and their products



We have a new, completely customizable CRM tool specifically designed and created by our CEO, which includes:

  • Real time pricing and Fiber / Cable / NPANXX lookup
  • A customer / provider / vendor / prospect database
  • Instant agreement creation and docusign software
  • Order and Commissions tracking
  • Share, print, download and report
  • Updated carrier promos and spiffs
  • Marketing tools: email campaign management, carrier white sheets, etc...
  • Product training: downloadable files, videos, and access to carrier webinars
  • The possibilities are endless when you have the right tools.



  • We offer very competitive commission rates to our Network Integrators
  • Our commission structures are based solely on our involvement with your orders
  • We offer referral bonuses for agents who refer other agents to earn a monthly override
  • Ask us for our commission structure or for more detailed information