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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a virtual phone system that works through an online portal. No phone equipment is necessary when purchasing this product. Most Providers offer a failover feature which essentially means you will never have a dropped call. Unlimited number of features make this phone system the best replacement for old analog phones. Employees can call or message from anywhere under one umbrella.

Complete with a full suite of telephone features at a price every company will love, Hosted PBX is the phone service designed for your business. From a single user at a home office to a multi-user, commercial-grade call center, ACS, Inc. provides a complete customized solution for your client's individual business needs. The products our providers offer include telephone numbers, local and long-distance calling and a host of powerful and customizable features such as auto-attendant, call queues, conference calling and much more. 


  • CONVERGENCE A single connection, integrating voice and data over a single connection
  • AFFORDABLE Lower costs with shifting premise-based system capital expenses to affordable operational monthly expence
  • RELIABILITY More stable than traditional phone services due to the robust network and next-generation soft switch
  • QUALITY OF SERVICE Secure IP network an on-premise integration access devices to ensure the highest quality of service
  • MULTIPLE OFFICE SUPPORT Communications systems are seemlessly connected to geographically dispersed locations
  • SECURITY A redundant and diverse network ensures a dependablt, secure connectivity
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY Redundancy and continuity measures proection against loss and downtime due to failures in infrastructure or poor performance
  • DATA PROTECTION Hosted PBX is protected on a private MPLS network and in highly secure, environmentally controlled data centers
  • SCALABILITY Easily add new phones or locations with a flexible and adaptive hosted system through business growth without high upfront costs
  • EASY UPGRADES Manage the server, network and phone upgrades. Keep your system and certifications up to date
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Superior end-to-end support before, during and after transitioning to a cloud-based system



Business Customization

  • VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST Allows you to streamline efficiently
  • CUSTOM CALL TAGGING Incoming calls can be identified of their origin by tagging them according to their phone number 
  • MUSIC ON HOLD Customized recording or uploaded music while callers are placed on hold


  • CELL PHONE INTEGRATION VoIP functions forwards calls to cell phones 
  • NEVER MISS A CALL VoIP call settings that are customized to always keep you connected 
  • TEXT MESSAGING Using a mobile app, send and receive text messages with your desktop phone number 
  • WORK FROM ANYWHERE Users will always stay connected no matter where they are working 
  • VOICEMAIL Check your messages anywhere securely


Setup and Control Portals

  • ADMIN PORTAL Account managers use this portal to control all phone system functions

Setup Cloud Convenience and Efficiency

  • CALL CONTINUITY A backup that never lets you drop a VoIP call during a power outage or  internet connection loss
  • CALL SCREENING The user sees who is calling before they pick up the phone, giving the option to send to voicemail or transfer
  • CALL WAITING Receive a notification during an incoming call while you are on the phone
  • CLICK TO CALL A button on your website or email for a quick way for customer to contact you via the internet
  • CLICK TO DIAL Initiate calls through VoIP services on your computer
  • UNIFIED INBOX Manage voice, fax and email messages all in one place
  • FOLLOW ME Forward calls to a designated sequential phone numbers
  • PAPERLESS FAX Faxes can be sent and received from any device or storage providers
  • VIRTUAL INBOX Voicemails can be gathered based on a specific function or for employees who don’t need full phone services
  • VOICEMAIL Check your messages anywhere securely

Cloud Contact Center

  • CALL GROUP Multiple extensions will ring simultaneously when during an incoming call
  • CALL MONITORING Admin can login and monitor, whisper or barge into a call the user being monitored is on
  • CALL QUEUE A call queue is set up for incoming calls until they can be answered
  • PAGING GROUP Extensions can be assigned to a paging group and broadcast to selected groups
  • SIMULTANEOUS RING Both your cell phone and office phone will ring at the same time during an incoming call


  • DASHBOARD See every call's real time status throughout the business
  • CALLER ID See who is calling before you answer
  • CALL MONITORING Admin can login and monitor, whisper or barge into a call the user being monitored is on
  • DYNAMIC CALLER ID Your caller ID can be any number you set on your account
  • SET CALLER ID Caller ID options for phone numbers and alpha-numeric names appearing on outbound calls

Call Recording and Collaboration