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Fiber & Cable Lookup




In this industry many Telecom Brokers and Agents are frequently asked what products are available, and which telecom companies can provide it.

In fact, if you have recently lost a deal at a location where telecom availability was not previously determined, you can bet the client you lost chose a broker or carrier that did know the services they needed were available.

We can solve this problem for you.

We have developed a new Fiber Lookup Application; a proprietary tool with the ability to determine available providers at any address in the continental U.S.  From this we can create a Telecom Availability Report, which also details how long these services will take to install and how much they will cost. 

Using this tool we can see to following:

  • Fiber
  • Coax cable
  • Ethernet over Copper (EOC)
  • Rooftop wireless
  • Business Uverse or FiOS


Access to this information will help you close deals and set you aside from other brokers.

So, the next time you have a client ask you, “Can I get this service here?” send us the address, receive a free Telecom Availability Report (TAR), and add a key essential value your clients will benefit from.


If you already are an ACS, Inc. Agent, Login to the Fiber Lookup Tool Here: http://agent.fiberlookup.com/login.php