Prepare your customers for the move to a virtual reality

Employees Working from Home

The facts

Given the rapid spread of COVID-19, companies are rapidly pivoting into the largest remote workforce ever. Industry agnostic organizations are taking all necessary precautions including:

  • Splitting critical workforce in different locations
  • Keeping their large meetings virtual
  • Changing shifts to allow parents to be at home with their kids
  • Manufacturers are temporarily closing production sites
  • Hotels are shutting down certain areas to concentrate on limited staff resources
  • Banks are increasing self-service options

Percentage of Employees working from home

Growth in remote work over the last 5 years
Growth in remote work over the last 10 years
Growth in remote work over the last 12 years
Teams who will have remote workers by 2028

Working toward long-term Plans

We'd love to share our Expertise

COVID-19 is putting remote work to a huge test and at a completely unprecedented scale. This is an experiment teaching companies about how well they can function when their team is not all together. 

Therefore, now is the time to alter your sales approach to unifying your customer’s communications with a UCaaS solution.

Stay Secure

An online platform does not make is easy for hackers, its actually quite the opposite. The security in place includes…

Think Ahead

Hosted platforms allow users to quickly and easily make company changes with just a click of a button. They include…

now is the time to Engage with your customers

How can you make a difference?

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What is Happening right Now

Our providers are offering promotions to help ease your customers’ businesses move to the cloud. These include three months of free service, covering disconnect costs for on-premise hardware, and adding tons of business-grade features for free.

ACS Cloud Partners has created a Battle Card that includes all provider promotions laid out in a clear format with links to the actual promotion.

Prepare for the future of business

During this international crisis, many businesses are turning to a remote-work environment. Unfortunately, they are not prepared with a transition of this magnitude. That’s where we come in!

With this economic slowdown due to COVID-19, your customers need to find an in-expensive, long-term solution to ensure their business’s future is safe. Now is the time to come up with a strategy. 

Get the Info out There

our Blog

We have come up with a few informational blogs to help our agents and their customers. If you would like the free white sheets to co-brand and share, please see the section below.

Free White Sheets

Request our free white sheets you can co-brand and send to customers.

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Tailor-Made Business Continuity

Customize a Remote Business Strategy

UCaaS gives your clients the ability to discover power and productivity in seamless, secure, and super-fast connections. During times like this, they can keep their business running no mater where their team is working.

Each company has limitless opportunities as there are more virtual workplace tools focusing on the facilitation and ease of collaboration and communication of remote-based teams.

Solving Real Problems

Contact Your Customers Now

Move to the Cloud

You can move their business to a secure, remote platform in less than two weeks.

Offer higher Bandwidth

Offices with remote workers need higher bandwidth to connect the to ther VPN.

Increase Their Savings

Employers can save over $11,000 per half-time telecommuter per year. Global Wokplace Analytics

Want To Help Your Clients Today?

As society adapts to more flexible work arrangements, you can’t deny that remote work will continue to grow. It offers plenty of benefits for the workers, employers, and society as a whole.

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